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Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Classess 3 days per week


A minor mistake in reading Qur’an Pak may result in a change in the meanings of its words. Reading the Holly versus needs special care in grammar and articulation. Arabic is a diversified language; therefore, its correct pronunciation can’t be done without understating the proper rules of Tajweed.  For beginners especially kids who want to learn Quran Pak, Noorani Qaida is the initial booklet to understand the basic rules and manners to read scripts of the Qur’an righteously. We provide flawless, well-structured, and officially approved preprints of these Qaida so that our online students get the benefit of our persistent struggles.

Salient Outlines of Noorani Qaida Course:

After completing this syllabus, you will be able to cover the following points:

  • Correct pronunciation of Arabic alphabets (Makharij)
  • Understanding the shapes of letters
  • Murakkab Huroof (compound letters)
  • Rules of Harakat, Tashdeed, Tanween, Waqf, Leen letters, Maddah letter, Tajweed

Individual focus

Online learning proves more valuable as there is direct communication between the tutor and the learner without interruption of massive strength of students as at Madrassa. Moreover, the student at their home feels comfortable and learns more.

Practice until it’s Done!

You can download Noorani Qaida and can practice your lesson. Our online tutors will listen to your exercise and let you improve your reading and reciting capabilities.

Recite like a native Arabic

We not only teach the grammatical rules of reading and pronunciation of Arabic letters but also develop communication skills so that you would recite the Holy Quran fluently with a native Arabic accent.

Make your vacation time Fruitful

You are not bound to restrictions of physical classes. Take your time, get rid of your busiest schedules, get registered to our online portal, and start your class whenever you like. Our esteem staff welcomes you to join us anytime.


We feel honored to have deserving and industrious students. We offer very low pricing courses for beginners to introduce themselves to the basic framework of learning the Holy Quran.

If you want to learn the Quran, Learn Noorani Qaida Online Course is a good place to start. It is essential for beginners, especially children. This learn Noorani Qaida online course can be learned by elders who do not read the verses. Pak Quran Online offers Learn Noorani Qaida Online course to make studying as simple and quick as possible.

Our teachers teach the course to Muslims all around the world in order to lay the groundwork for memorizing the Quran. We use Skype to teach online and use interesting ways. Students study the Arabic alphabet first, then Quran.

Why It Is Important To Learn Noorani Qaida Online?

There is a very important class you need to take called Learn Noorani Qaida Online. This course can also teach you Tajweed. Learn Noorani Qaida Online is an important lesson that helps students learn how to read. When students learn the alphabet, they can learn how to make words. Our Online Quran Teacher are very good and very experienced.

They can help students learn Noorani Qaida Online very quickly, and they can do this very quickly. To learn how to read more complicated words, we teach them in a way that is easy to understand. After learn Noorani Qaida Online, students can learn how to read the whole Quranic Ayah or verse. Tajweed is an important language. We teach the most important rules. We use both modern and traditional methods to teach our students simultaneously.

How To Learn Noorani Qaida?

The following topics are covered in our Learn Noorani Qaida Online course:

  1. For mastering the basic laws of pronunciation, study the Arabic alphabets and key symbols.
  2. Connecting the alphabets to make words
  3. Consonants and vowels must be learned. Tanwin’s RA Rules, as well as Lam’s Haroof Linah and Noon Sakin’s
  4. Rules to pause and stop
  5. Tashdeed

Our Basic Course Of Learn Noorani Qaida for Beginners

People of all ages can come to our learn Noorani Qaida Online class, including kids and older people. The best course for someone who does not know anything about reading the Qur’an is this one. It will start from the beginning and teach you how to read the Quran. It is for both boys and girls.

When you go to our Online Quran Academy, we have female Quran Teacher Online who can help you learn Noorani Qaida Online language. We use a one-on-one method to teach. Our Qaris will teach you in a very friendly way.

The face-to-face online classes ensure that both students and teachers are paying attention. They also teach students to pronounce Arabic and the Quran correctly with basic Tajweed rules.

Our Easy Course Structure To Learn Noorania Qaida  for Kids

Learn Noorani Qaida Online from Muslims all over the world with us. Our Online Quran Academy is a favorite place for students to go. We promise that you will finish the course if you learn from us. We will also teach your kids the best. We guarantee you get 100 percent effective Quran education. After taking this class, your child will read the Holy Quran very well.

He or she will also learn the basic rules of Tajweed in Learn Noorani Qaida online, which are important to know. People of all ages will start reading in Arabic, even if they do not speak the language yet. We can now make sure that both you and your children know everything there is to know about reading the book of Allah Almighty!
As reading is the first step of learning the Quran, we can help to Learn Noorani Qaida online for Kids. There are a lot of Muslims who trust our Online Quran Academy.

Why choose us for Noorani Qaida Course?

We have fun ways to Learn Noorani Qaida Online makes it easier for students to learn and also makes the lessons fun for them to take. Keep the lessons as interesting as possible. Now, you can easily get this required education from the comfort of your own home.

We use Skype to teach, and our lessons are for everyone. Even a four-year-old can learn from us. As a group, we are the best at what we do and can teach the Holy Quran in the best way possible. Our Online Quran Academy is open to students from all over the world, and they can take Online Quran Classes at a time that works for them.

Our Quran school has the best Male Quran Teacher and Female Quran teacher Online. A strong foundation is built for reading the Quran, so we do that first. They will not have any trouble reading the Holy Quran, we say. So, we want to spread the knowledge of the Quran around the world. Please make sure you get in touch with us and book you learn Noorani Qaida online class with us!

We will show you how to do it to help you and your kids learn Noorani Qaida online. Besides, we also offer free trials of Learn Noorani Qaida  courses. They are free for two days. Once they choose us for regular classes, they can come to us all the time.

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Course Outlines

Level 1

  • Huroof-e-Mufradat (Individual Letters)
  • Introduction & Practice of Arabic Alphabets
  • Throat letters, Full Mouth, Soft & Sharp letters.
  • differentiate in the pronunciation of similar sounding letters
  • Compound & Joining Letters.
  • Introduction of Short Vowels (Harakat) & Practice.
  • Practice of Harakat.
  • Introduction of Tanween & Practice (Ghunnah )
  • Combine Practice of Haraka & Tanween

Level 2

  • Introduction & Practice of Hroof -e-Maddah.
  • Introduction & Practice of Khari Harakat
  • Introduction & Practice of Hroof -e-Leen.
  • Compound Exercise of Khari Harakat, Hroof-e-Maddah & Hroof-e-Leen
  • Introduction & Practice of Sukoon (Jazam) & Letters of Qalqala.
  • Exercise of Jazam.
  • Rules of Noon Sakin and Tanween (Izhar, Ikhfa).

Level 3

  • Introduction & Practice of Tashdeed, Noon & Meem Mushaddad.
  • Exercise of Noon Sakin & Tanween (Idgham and Iqlab).
  • The Rules of Meem Sakin Introduction & Practice
  • Tafkheem and Tarqeeq of Laam & Raa Introduction & Practice
  • Kinds of MADD & Rules of Big and Small MADD.
  • Hroof Muqatta’at.
  • Zaid Alif Introduction & Practice.
  • Practice of Miscellaneous Rules(Izhar e Mutlaq, Sakta etc)
  • Introduction & Practice Rules of Waqf & sign of Waqf

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