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Online Shia Quran Academy is an online Quran teaching center providing high-quality Islamic education. It is working to spread the knowledge of Islam to the world. With hundreds of students currently learning and hundreds are already graduates from our institution. We provide teaching services to students around the world. You can avail of our teaching services from any part of the world. Our students belong to different countries and are happily studying with us. Whether you are living in Pakistan or any other country you can register yourself with our online school. We have online Quran teachers for you who are the best in their profession. They are graduates of Islamic studies and provide teaching facilities to students around the world. You do not have to worry about the profile of Quran teachers online as we only hire competent ones.

Online Shia Quran Academy encourages learning the Quran at any age. We have a large number of adult students that are learning to read the Quran. There is no shyness in adult learning but many people are not comfortable going to Madrasah for learning Quran. By taking the services of the online Quran Academy, many adults can learn from home. Taking advantage of the technology we use modern ways of virtual Quran education. This helps many people living in non-Muslim countries to learn Quran from a professional Quran teacher.

High-quality Quran Education:

Online Shia Quran Academy believes in education that serves to improvise the personality of the person. Education is not merely a piece of information or a degree to attain but should change a character positively. Education teaches to differentiate between right and wrong so that a person can choose the right path. A path that leads to success in this world and hereafter. When we talk about Quran education, it does not mean learning to read Quran only. When you learn Quran online it should enlighten your mind and heart. Quran is the source of light in the darkness. When you start learning it you will know the importance of this Holy Book.

When you want to master in any field you search for the best institution and the best teachers. You believe that with their experience and knowledge in any particular field you will learn from them. The same is the case when learning Quran. You must choose the best Quran teacher online so that you can get the best from him. A good teacher understands the nature and learning capacity of the student. Not every individual carries the same caliber for learning. So the teacher should not expect the same from different students. Our teachers at Online Shia Quran Academy are experts and know their teaching values. They teach the students and focus individually.

We have lesson planners that the teachers usually follow. We have a rough time frame that the students should learn in a specific period. But it depends on each student’s learning speed. We understand that burdening the students with more lessons will not work for the better. But learning should involve a motivation to learn and excel. Our online Quran classes are proof of the fact that the class environment is friendly and motivating.

Basic course to advanced level course:

We start with the initial level course for learning Quran. The first step is to learn Noorani Qaida online to start your Quran journey. This is the basic step that introduces the Arabic letters and their recognition.

This course is the basic and most important because without this you cannot become an expert in recitation. The teachers emphasize learning the letters and then joining letters to form words. When the students can join the letters and pronounce the words perfectly they can read Quran easily. After completing this course you will be able to pronounce the words with a proper accent.

After this, you are eligible to take courses in Quran recitation and others. Quran recitation course will enable you to recite with Tajweed so that you become an expert in recitation. Everything becomes good by practice, Quran recitation also does not gets good at once. With constant practice, you will become a good reciter. We have many students who are learning to recite with Tajweed. Recitation with Tajweed is very soothing for the listener.

Quran classes for kids

Online Shia Quran Academy believes to encourage the kid’s students so that their love for learning Quran grows in them. We pay special attention to the kids learning and prepare the lesson that they enjoy their learning time.

The teachers involve the students in the online Quran classes with discussion and storytelling sessions. The teachers design the lessons according to the age of the students. The small kids of four to five years that start their Quran lessons have different class lessons.

Teachers interact with the children by discussing the concepts of Islam. In this way, they learn more about their interests. Using various software also encourages the students in learning. Children like to use gadgets and we use apps that they can learn entertainingly.

There are many stories in Quran that carries a message for us. The teachers tell the kids the stories in a way that they learn the moral from it. The main purpose of the Quranic stories is to learn the lessons from them. We make them understand the message along with the moral.

Profile of online Quran teachers:

Our online Quran Academy is popular among our students because our teachers are very cooperative and friendly. We believe that it is the teacher that can develop an interest in learning in the hearts of the students. If the teacher is friendly and polite the student tends to learn more efficiently. We have Arabic Quran teachers online that are also fluent in English. If you are living outside Pakistan and are more comfortable speaking English then our teachers can speak English. They have an Arabic accent so they can teach in the same. Quran recitation is best when in an Arabic accent with Tajweed. So the teachers make sure to teach the students Tajweed rules so they apply them while reciting the Quran.

The online teachers are professionals and graduates from Islamic universities. We hire skillful teachers that are efficient in making students learn Quran. We have both male and female teachers on board who teach the Quran with their professional skills. Having teachers of both genders help the students to choose between two options. Our female students are more comfortable studying with female Quran teachers online. We respect their decision and they are free to make their selection of teachers.

Choosing the online Quran center:

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best platform for your online Quran learning. If you need a Quran teacher online then you have to make some research and decide accordingly. For selecting the suitable one you have to check the ranking and need to read the reviews about it. We proudly claim to be among the best ones and have the best Quran teachers online. You can select our platform to learn about Quran because our teachers are professionals and experts. Our students have satisfaction with our teaching methodologies and class environment. You can trust us with your kid’s Quran education because we assure you of providing quality education to them.

Quran memorization online:

The most lengthy and crucial course is memorizing the Quran. It requires physical and mental efforts to memorize the Quran. Without the help of the family and teachers, the students cannot achieve this medal of a hafiz.

Online Shia Quran Academy has teachers that work hard with their students to memorize the Quran. We have the Hafiz /Hafiza teachers that memorize the Quran online. Our teachers have special tips and tricks that help the students to memorize Quran easily. We are blessed to have a lot of hafiz from our Quran learning platform.

You can also add your name to our Hafiz list by registering with our Quran memorization course. The online classes are on the most commonly used apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. It is as easy as having an online Quran teacher on Skype and start taking your Quran lessons.

When you put a lot of effort into memorizing the Ayahs Allah will help you in making things easy. Quran memorization is a huge earning of rewards from Allah. The teachers are also earning rewards who are teaching and guiding the students on the path of Allah.

Online Quran teachers for everyone:

When we talk about online learning, it does not limit to a certain area or country. It is a border-free teaching service using the facility of the internet.

You can have the same online Quran teacher in the USA and the same teacher in Pakistan. This is the beauty of online education that we can use the expertise of the teacher from anywhere in the world. It is somehow difficult to get a good Quran teacher in Western countries but not with online education.

You can take your online classes whether you are at home or work. Our students in the USA are very happy with our teaching services and are appreciating our efforts. If you are living in the USA and looking for a Quran teacher nearby then you can join us.

Online learning needs no physical presence of a person. You can have your online Quran teacher in Pakistan and study from any part of the world.

There is no difference in learning in face-to-face and online learning. Your teachers will develop your interest in learning and understanding Quran.

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