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This course is an endeavor to keep the hearts of Muslim descendants filled with the verses of the Holy Qur’an.  It is a remarkable chance for Muslims all over the world to begin their Hifz journey under the careful guidance of qualified Huffaz (Quran Tutors). It will help several Muslims all over the globe who are willing to learn and memorize the Quran but facing any difficulty in their time, travel, or other resources, don’t have travel or time resources. There are numerous groups in the Quran memorization online Programme to meet your time slot. Get one that is most convenient for you.

Quran Understanding

The virtues of the Quran in this world and the world to come cannot be underestimat, those who memoriz the Quran’s words are reward above measure. The term “Hafiz” means “protector” in Arabic. Memorization of the Quran provides several spiritual, worldly, and health benefits. The Quran is a vivid depiction of Allah’s guidance to people, and it will continue to be a source of inspiration, blessings, and teachings over all humankind till the end of time.

Memorization of the Qur’an is just like nourishing one’s soul with divine brightness. Besides the numerous blessings on the person who memorizes the Holy Quran, there are several intellectual advantages as well.

In the current era, humankind faces several difficulties so an average person may make a difference in their mindset and his heart gives up spiritual vigor and succumbs to despair.  While those whose heart is saturat with the verses of the Holy Quran never falls and confronts all difficul in life with a smiling face because he knows Allah is with him and everything, he faces is a trial from Allah. People like this are constantly cheerful and optimistic. It’s why the Quran is known as a miracul revelation.

This is a well-known truth that the finest practice for healthy mental health is memorization of the Holy Quran.

Memorization is the key to good health. The more stuff one memorizes, the more powerful the brain becomes.

As a result, the brain would grow better, capable of storing greater knowledge and creating logical as well as reasonable thoughts and shifting a man’s actual mental aptitude Healthier brains leading to discoveries and innovations, that is why Muslims have produced a variety of researchers, thinkers, mathematician, doctors, and other professionals throughout centuries.

This action improves a person’s character and fosters creativity. Remembering the Quran helps to prevent brain aging- a mechanism that evolves and provides a long and healthy lifespan. It contributes to the purgation and cleansing of such spirits. It keeps humankind away from wandering wrong and supporting misconceptions.

A person becomes accountable and punctual. The Quran memorization is the most effective way to relieve stress. In a scenario when an average individual might give up hope, the Quran memorizer remains steadfast. It protects an individual’s life.

Reward From Allah

There is an excellent reward from Allah for the Hafiz/ Hafiza. They will get the closeness to angels and companions of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) in the heavenly realm. A crown of distinction will be honor wear which will demonstrate their status. Aside from such a specific primer, their parents will also be award similarly. Prophet (ﷺ) declared that a Hafiz can bring 10 individuals to Jannah (Heaven) along with himself. As a result, they should be a source of redemption and pardon for several others.

One who remembers the Holy Quran and learns and teaches its lessons to others will be entitl “Muallim” or “Muallima” which is the same as that of our beloved Muhammad (ﷺ).

A Hafiz/Hafiza can contribute to the establishment of a glorious Islamic community by spreading and bringing into practice the teachings of the Quran.

The significance of their designation can be estimat from the incident of the fight of Yumama during which many Huffaz were assassinated by non-believers. that incident is regard as a great loss to Muslim Ummah.

Consequently, they are consider a worthy asset to our nation. Pakistan, being a Muslim State provides allocations and ranks in the institutes.

As a result, there are many rewards and benefits throughout this world- to come for those who remember the Quran.

The Muslim civilizations would be enhanc as a result of Quran memorization; the non-Muslim world will recognize and appreciate Islam’s teachings as a result of Muslims’ love and commitment to the faith.

Every Muslim must convey the teaching of Islam to the rest of the world in such a way that non-Muslims are captivated by it and embrace it.

To Whom it may Concern

This program is primarily intended for people who could really read and recite the Quran correctly. This course anticipates learners to assist in memorizing and revising the Holy Quran. Our skilled tutors will guide you to remembering parts or complete Quran with error-free tajweed and recitation methods. A random Tajweed test will be performed on the individuals. Our instructors will educate students on how to remember the Holy Quran during these classes.

Speed OR Quality

Our Huffaz will direct you correct manner to manage your time and curriculum contents to make this purpose feasible for you. They will manipulate effective approaches to make your memorization process easier. A specific timetable will be provided by the instructors. The pupils will benefit from this plan in terms of reviewing and remembering lessons. The length of the course is determin by the student’s time and effort

No Burden of Classes

Our Huffaz provide their pupils with useful tips and exert no pressure on them. They give concise but valid syllabus and learning material that helps a lot in Hifz practice.

Practice/Revision of Lesson

The provid lecture will be revis at the start of the next class. So, students get a better understanding of their Hifz.

Progressive Learning

Daily new ayah (verses) will be taught and evaluat. Hence leads to complete memorization of the Quran.

Leading points to memorizing Quran

Allah has pledged to keep the Quran in its pure form and to assist us in learning and preserving it in our hearts. By the grace of Almighty Allah,  hereby we are serving you the Hifz Programme from the comforts of your own home.

  • Memorization of the Quran in a precise and smart way
  • Measurement and assessment of difficulties challenging your memory and their effective remediation through effective teaching strategies
  • Increase learning and remembering potential
  • Memorization through listening, reading, and correlation with the Hadiths.
  • Whether you are just beginning or have some knowledge, you can pick your level. A proper time and attention will be given to the newcomer.
  • Drill/ Practice mode will be provided if anyone wants to repeat your lesson line by line, or word and verses, you can select the Playing Option.
  • You have the option of selecting your reciter from a list of reciters.
  • Pupils may memorize verses by repeating the words, verses, or even a combination of texts.
  • It helps a lot in learning the tajweed of the Quran because it will highlight the word/verse text in blue for the learner to recite first, then when the highlighting changes so that you may compare your recitation with the voice of your tutor.
  • If you click the hiding option button once, this will hide or display the options panel. Toggles between hiding and displaying translations document. It may change whether the Quran verse is hidden or visible. Moreover, it can change the text size by increasing or decreasing the font size.
  • You may raise or reduce the font size for Quran text/ Translation text using the “+” and “–“ buttons.

Course Outlines

Level 1

Surah Al Fatiha (chapter # 1)

Surah An-Nas to Surah Al-fajar (chapter # 89-114)

Surah Al Baqarah (chapter # 2, verse # 1-5)

Ayat-ul-Qursi (chapter # 2, ayat # 255)

Level 2

Surah Yaseen (chapter # 36)

Surah Al-Hujurat (chapter # 49)

Surah Ar-Rahman (chapter # 55)

Al-Waqi’a (chapter # 56)

Surah Al-Mulk (chapter # 67)

Surah Al-Muzzammil (chapter # 73)

Surah Al=Muddath’thir (chapter # 74)

Level 3

Whole Qur’an

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