Refund policy

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Refund policy

Refund policy

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Refund policy:

We at Pak Online Quran offer a refund policy to our users. You may go through our policy before making a refund request. We can refund your fee amount only if our team found your case to be genuine and right.

We can refund your fee back if:

  • If you have paid the full fee but due to any technical reason, Pak Online Quran fails to provide you with the classes. You may request a refund, or contact us, we may adjust your fee to the next month’s payment.
  • We may refund your fee before the start of classes, only after reviewing your case. We do not refund the fee in any case if the user has taken a single class only.
  • We may shift your fee amount to the next month’s fee payment plan if you want to hold the classes for a month. This cannot do for more than a one-month holding.

We CAN NOT refund your fee back if:

  • Your online course classes have started and you are unable to attend the classes.
  • If the refund amount is more than the fee, we may not refund the amount.
  • Your claim for a refund is found not to be genuine after being validated by our team.


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